About Me

This website is the place, where I'll publish my work (mixes, remixes, compositions).

Some short info about me:

My "civil" name is Pavel Linhart, but I use the nick "Gappa", coz it sounds better :) I live in Czech Republic.

I've started with music as soon as in 1995. In those times I used Amiga and Protracker, later Octamed v5 trackers. After that I fell in love with Octamed SoundStudio 1 on Amiga :)

Later on, I bought a PC computer and using the PC version of SoundStudio & SoundForge I made a couple of songs.

The big bang were the VST Instruments, soft synths & another applications:

And some hardware:

Currently inactive - sadly no time :(

This page and all the mixes, remixes & original compositions ? 1995 - 2022 DJ Gappa